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Tuesday 13th September 2016 Parish Council Meeting Minutes

PRESENT:  Councillors T Abey (Chairman) P Barnitt, P Johnston, J Mannion, J Mortimer, Mrs H Lamborn.  In attendance District Councillor T Myatt. APOLOGIES were receved from Councillor C York DECLARATIONS  There were no Declarations of interests under the Code of Conduct. Police Matters.   Crime report – there were no reported incidents of crime within the… Read more »

Tuesday 19th July 2016 Parish Council Meeting

MINUTES OF THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD IN LONG MARSTON SCHOOL ON TUESDAY 19th JULY 2016.AR 7.45.p.m PRESENT  Cllrs T Abbey (Chairman), P Barnitt, P Johnston, J Mannion, J Mortimer, C York. In attendance District Cllr T Myatt. APOLOGIES were received from Cllrs Mrs H Lamborn, R Burniston P.C. T Craven. DECLARATIONS UNDER THE CODE… Read more »

Tuesday 17th May 2016 Meetings

The Annual Parish Meetings followed by an Ordinary Meeting were held in Long Marston School on Tuesday 17th May 2016. Annual Meetings: Reports were received from the Chairman, Clerk/Treasurer and P.C. Representative to the Village Hall Committee. The Accounts for 2015/16 financial year were accepted and adopted.. P.C. Assets were checked on the 1st May and… Read more »